Unlimited Warranty

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Standard on all new modelsMazda Unlimited

Mazda vehicles are designed to be driven, and to prove it, we’ve introduced Mazda Unlimited – the only warranty program of its kind in Canada.

Mazda Unlimited features unlimited mileage for our 3-YEAR New Vehicle, 3-YEAR Roadside Assistance, 5-YEAR Powertrain and 7-YEAR Anti-Perforation warranties, so you can focus on every thrilling moment spent behind the wheel instead of the odometer.

Standard on all new models.


I bought a 2014 model year vehicle earlier this year. Am I eligible for the new Unlimited Mileage Warranty?

No. The Unlimited Mileage Warranty is only available starting with 2015 model year Mazda vehicles.

I paid for an extended warranty on my 2015 model year vehicle. Does this new Unlimited Mileage Warranty have an impact on the terms of the extended warranty that I purchased?

For Mazda Added Protection (MAP) contracts longer than 5 years: Your MAP contract and all the benefits remain unchanged.

For MAP contracts purchased with a term of 5 years or less: Your MAP contract now has the advantage of automatically being extended to unlimited distance.

How does this affect the kilometre limits of a lease? Does my lease now include unlimited kilometres?

Your lease agreement and contract is unchanged and does not make allowances for unlimited kilometres. All Terms and Conditions of your financial lease agreement remain in place for kilometre allowances, payments and penalties.

I installed accessories at the time of purchase. Are accessories also covered under the Unlimited Mileage Warranty?

Yes. Starting with 2015 model year vehicles in Canada, we will also be offering our Unlimited Mileage Warranty on all genuine Mazda OEM accessories purchased and installed at the time of vehicle purchase.

I have a 2014 Mazda. Can I purchase this new unlimited warranty?

No. At this time we are not offering the Unlimited Mileage Warranty as a Mazda Added Protection (MAP) product. We do, however, have a whole suite of added protection and extended warranty products available for previous model years. See your Mazda dealer for choices and options.

What if my vehicle requires repair when I am travelling in the US? Am I still covered? Does the US have the same warranty coverage as Canada?

Mazda Canada Inc. (MCI) and Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) have a reciprocal agreement when it comes to warranty coverage while travelling in North America. Canadian 2015 model year vehicles will receive the terms of the Canadian Unlimited Mileage Warranty coverage even if travelling in the US, providing that the repair or diagnostic occurs at an authorized Mazda dealership while in the United States.

What are the differences between the previous warranty and the new Unlimited Mileage Warranty?

Current Coverage  

Service Adjustments: 12 months/20,000 km 
New Vehicle Basic Warranty Coverage: 36 months/80,000 km 
Roadside Assistance: 36 months/unlimited mileage 
Powertrain Warranty: 60 months/ 100,000 km 
Anti-Perforation: 84 months/160,000 km 
Original Equipment Battery: 36 months/80,000 km 
Emissions Defect: 96 months/128,000 km 
Safety Restraint: 60 months/100,000 km 

New Unlimited Coverage

Service Adjustments: 12 months/unlimited mileage
New Vehicle Basic Warranty Coverage: 36 months/unlimited mileage
Roadside Assistance: 36 months/unlimited mileage
Powertrain Warranty:  60 months/unlimited mileage
Anti-Perforation:  84 months/unlimited mileage
Original Equipment Battery: 36 months/unlimited mileage
Emissions Defect:  96 months/128,000 km
Safety Restraint: 60 months/unlimited mileage

I purchased a 2015 Mazda prior to the announcement of Mazda Unlimited Mileage Warranty. My warranty booklet does not indicate I have unlimited warranty coverage. Will I receive something from Mazda to identify that I am covered?

Yes. Mazda Canada will be mailing a supplemental warranty document to all owners who purchased a 2015 model year Mazda vehicle prior to November 12, 2014. For all vehicles purchased on or after the official program announcement date of November 12, 2014, information will be provided at the time of purchase.

I purchased my 2015 model year Mazda in August. When does the Unlimited Mileage Warranty start?

While announced on November 12, 2014, this Supplemental Unlimited Mileage Warranty is applicable only to 2015 model year Mazda vehicles originally distributed by Mazda Canada Inc. If you have a 2015 model year Mazda vehicle, you will receive the supplemental coverage regardless of date of purchase.

I bought an extended warranty (Mazda Added Protection Plan). Do I still need it?

Your Mazda Added Protection (MAP) coverage offers even more protection than what is covered in the new basic warranty being offered. Items such as tire road hazard, original equipment parts, rental vehicle and original equipment collision parts gap coverage are just some of the additional benefits. MAP continues to offer you more value and peace-of-mind coverage.

For warranty repairs, do I have to bring my car to the same dealer I purchased it from?

Any authorized Mazda Dealer can perform warranty repairs to your vehicle. However, it is always good to establish a relationship and regular service and maintenance schedule with your selling dealer.

Can I transfer this warranty coverage to another owner when I sell it?

During the warranty period, this warranty is transferable without charge to subsequent owners. Please use the "Subsequent Ownership Notification" in the Warranty Information Booklet to make this change. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact your Mazda dealer for assistance. There is also no limit on the number of owners during the warranty period.

Do my scheduled maintenance intervals change as a result of this new Unlimited Mileage Warranty?

No. You continue to have the responsibility to properly maintain your Mazda by servicing every 8,000 km or every 4 months, whichever occurs first. For a complete schedule of maintenance and service for your vehicle, click here.

3 Year New

Every new Mazda vehicle in Canada (2015 onward) comes with a 3-YEAR New Vehicle Unlimited Mileage Warranty, so you can ignore the odometer and focus on the road ahead. 

3 Year New

With our 3-YEAR Unlimited Mileage Roadside Assistance, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle was designed to be driven.

3 Year New

Don’t just drive. Drive with confidence thanks to our 5-YEAR Powertrain Unlimited Mileage Warranty. ;

3 Year New

For the Mazda driver who truly wants to get the most of their vehicle comes a 7-YEAR Anti-Perforation Warranty with Unlimited Mileage.